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About us

Why we are here

Safe, lean and clean. That’s the future of a smart heavy industry that we believe in.

We believe that by closing the loop between (autonomous) machines, operators and core processes we can create safer, better working environments that enable industries to focus on their core strengths – inventing and producing products that bring the world forward.

What we do

Our mission is to bring the power of autonomous decision making available to every machine, every worker and every factory.

At Quantillion, we’re really passionate about building software and artificial intelligence that solves mission-critical challenges under extreme conditions. We partner worldwide (Europe, North America and Asia) with leading companies in creating autonomous decision systems for heavy industry (i.e. primary metals and mining).

Our technology connects the digital world and the real world into one: the cyber-physical world.

We develop one technology platform for data ingest, integration and visualisation combined with industry-specific artificial intelligence and advanced analytics solutions.

We’re all about doing. Our technology is used to immediately enable cyber-physical systems to continuously and autonomously drive improvements. That means that we’re not just talking about all the value in your data, we actually build systems that immediately extract this data in realtime and calibrate themselves.

Some of our team members on what excites them about our work


Hilbrand Kuiken


I see a lot of analytics and visualisation and sometimes miss the actual autonomous doing of data. I have made it my goal to find problems where we can see our autonomous data solutions at work and directly add value to our clients processes!.


Kevin Sipin


When I started Quantillion, I couldn’t have imagined how much joy we’d have. There’s nothing more impressive than seeing these distinct worlds – mathematics, AI and robotics – come together in real factories and plants. 


Wesley Budding


I’m really proud of the team at Quantillion. Our people are really resourceful and interdisciplinary, and it’s a pleasure to work together on creating one ecosystem for our clients.

Data scientist

Evgeny Slavnov

I really love structuring and solving our clients’ problems. It’s very rewarding and fun to model, analyse and optimise pretty complex processes and interactions using data science!


We are a mission-driven company that’s all about getting things done.

Our mission is to bring the power of autonomous decision making available to every machine, every worker and every factory.

Check out our careers!

data engineer

Alfonso Gutierrez Segura

Our work is not ‘nice to have’ for our clients, it is a ‘need to have’. Everything that we build must therefore work anytime and anywhere. I’m extremely excited to help on delivering on that promise!

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