Quantillion Technologies B.V.

Rotsoord 3, 3523 CL Utrecht (NL)

We are about to enter a new era. That of autonomous and intelligent machines.

Quantillion builds technology that helps primary metals industry make the shift from automated to autonomous.

We take miners and smelters by the hand to capture the value of tomorrow. To do that, we develop technology that forms a seamless interface between all the disconnected processes in plants. We gather feedback from operators, vehicles and machines and use it to make other machines autonomously act on these insights and optimise continuously.

It’s all about doing.

Industry is using the power of analytics and sensoring to improve performance.

Anywhere / Realtime

Automatic Intelligence

Continuous Improvement

Industry 1.0 (1780s)

Shifting from man power to machine power

Industry 2.0 (1870s)

Shifting from unit production to mass production

Industry 3.0 (1970s)

Shifting from analogue electronics to digital electronics

Industry 4.0 (Tomorrow)

Shifting from automated systems to autonomous systems